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Working Action Group is your "One Stop Community Service."
Working Action Group is a community focused umbrella organisation providing a one stop community service. There are several branches in our structure they are ; a Not for Profit Community Organisation, a Social Enterprise, a Private Membership Club and a Limited Company. Working Action Group delivers hands on support in the community to develop personal and business initiatives. We provide the community with access to; legal and financial support, volunteers, business development services, new initiatives synergy and partnership opportunities, education, cultural awareness & appreciation programmes. Our focus is to consciously encourage inward investment so that everyone is actively working towards; personal, social & economic change, which will impact the community positively. W.A.G. Champion the cause of Equality & Diversity and pro-actively endorse Unconscious and Conscious Bias programmes as a tool of influence and change.

Mission Vision

To create economic growth within our own community by taking tangible action including; pooling our resources and serving our people by offering guidance and support to facilitate progress.

Vision 2020

Our vision is to restore and empower our community through re-educational programmes and sustainable development projects. Unity and self reliance are core fundamentals in our organisation.

Goals Aim

Our goals are to support, re-educate, unite, revive, create employment, legal awareness, business development, career development, marketing, signposting and personal, cultural & development.

Services We Do

Working Action Group is your 1st stop

WAG Marketing And Promotion Be Seen With WAG

Working Action Group is an organisation that is acutely aware of the importance of marketing and promotion of a product or service to create awareness of your product or brand, as well as attract business and or participation. Knowing... more

Action For The Homeless - Appeal For Volunteers Action For The Homeless

Working Action Group is actively involved with the community one of our projects is "Action for the Homeless" and we are appealing for volunteers in the following areas ; Tottenham & Haringey in London and Lowestoft in Suffolk... more

Volunteer & Funding Appeal Building The Community

Action for Diversity and Equality is a Working Action Group project that is dedicated to delivering a programme of Unconscious & Conscious Bias. This project has recently received seed funding.

What is Unconscious &... more

Financial Education Our Money Matters

One of the weaknesses within the African-Caribbean/black community is the inability to own physical or intangible wealth that can be passed down as legacies. Working Action Group is dedicated to sharing information about finances,... more

Community Outreach Building Together

Working Action Group committed to providing services, which our communities might not otherwise have access to. We are partnering with community organisations to promote their services, which would otherwise, have gone under the radar... more

Catering We Cook Too

Our community enjoys good food. Research has shown that the black community spends more money on prepared foods, than any other people group. Working Action Group’s A&G Catering offers a wide variety of menus and planning services... more

Fundraising Discover Options Available

Encourage groups and organisations and charities within the community to actively fundraise. There are facilities out there to support you. Although we are available for advice and guidance for members it is important to inform you of... more

Wellbeing Beauty, Health and Wellbeing Products and Services

Working Action Group encourages self-love. We acknowledge that black African natural beauty; health and wellbeing are often under promoted and understated. We encourage both men and women to love themselves, internally and externally and... more

Shop One Stop Shop

Shop Working Action Group have realised the need to create a platform that enables black business to advertise and sell their products and services from one central point. That will give shopper the option to buy a wide range of products... more

What We Do Best

Action For Equality Action For Equality Action For Diversity
WAG Press Conference & Media Campaign WAG Press Conference & Media Campaign Project Management
Public Consultation & Marketing Strategy Public Consultation & Marketing Strategy Street Marketing Campaign
Fundraising Fundraising Free West Papua Campaign
Services Services One Stop Community Service

Working Action Group Limited

WAG Limited is a company created to support commercial business ventures and to encourage inward investment. One of the ventures is the Partnership Investment Club that seeks to introduce economically viable opportunities to interested parties. We facilitates the development and sales of products and services.

Working Action Group Not for Profit

Unincorporated Association Community Organisation is a membership club that was constituted to support the community, the aims include; promotion of education, health,regeneration, environmental,cultural awareness, social inclusion and economic development & social justice and appreciation programmes.Working Action Group are actively developing.

Working Action Group Social Enterprise

As an organisation we have realised the importance of applying commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental wellbeing . We have launched our Action for Equality & Diversity project as a Social Enterprise to improve communities life chances and the environment. www.workingactiongroup.org

Our Team

David Omigie

David Omigie
Public Relations Officer

Ama X

Ama X

Clinton Cooper

Clinton Cooper
Print Design & Merchandising

Gerald Phillips

Gerald Phillips
Education Officer

Adrian Ryan

Adrian Ryan

Juliet Ryan

Juliet Ryan
Project Manager

Richard Questel

Richard Questel
Vice Chairperson

Charlene Cumberbatch

Charlene Cumberbatch
Customer Service Advisor

Tshegofatso Ngobene

Tshegofatso Ngobene
Innovations Manager


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Really great work Working Action Group have really helped us with the Campaign to Free West Papua
Really great work

Chief Benny Wenda
Founder of Free West Papua Campaign


Juliet Lopez on Spunik RT TV

"Anti-reparationists today are the anti-abolitionists of yesterday. The same families. The same bloodlines. The same people protecting their privilege and status." ~ Juliet Lopez


Juliet Lopez on Spunik RT TV

And slavery – Britain grew rich from it. Not content with invading other people's countries and stealing their things, we started to steal the people themselves – millions of them. Slaves were traded by most European countries, but the Netherlands and Britain were amongst the worst offenders and neither country has made amends. Juliet Lopez in the Sputnik studio.
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Working Action Group is your "One Stop Community Service".


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